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About Us

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Welcome to Belladonna Media & Marketing Group, where creativity meets strategy in the ever-evolving world of digital storytelling!

We're not your average bunch of marketing mavens; we're a team of passionate storytellers, content connoisseurs, and strategy enthusiasts who believe in sprinkling a bit of magic into every brand tale we tell.

From the quirky brainstorming sessions to the meticulous content crafting, we're fueled by the belief that behind every successful brand lies a captivating narrative waiting to be shared. We are your all-in-one social media management service, dedicated to crafting, scheduling, and publishing captivating content for your business.


Our mission? To elevate your brand via social media.

Come join us on this adventure as we navigate pixels and prose, transforming your brand into an unforgettable digital masterpiece, one click at a time!


Get To Know The Team

Alyssa Smith


Hi there! I'm the founder of Belladonna Media & Marketing Group, bringing over a decade of administrative prowess. With degrees in Sociology and Public Administration, I'm your go-to connector and problem solver, dedicated to crafting vibrant brand stories and fostering meaningful connections.

Samantha Shallcross

Content Creator

I am an college student studying English with a specialization in secondary education at Illinois State University

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Support Animal

Meet Bambina, the adorable support animal at Belladonna Media & Marketing Group! I'm a proud rescued pitbull terrier, and life's all about park strolls, squirrel chases, and snuggles with my favorite humans.

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"Struggling to navigate your social media presence? Ready to turn it into a valuable asset without the added stress? That's where we come in! Running a business means juggling multiple roles. Let us handle the social media while you focus on what you love most about your business!"

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